We help our customers to implement, manage, develop and evolve their information systems.

ACESSO GLOBAL Consultores not only creates, implements and markets proprietary software, but also provides consulting, management, audit and software development services tailored to your company's needs. We have a team of experts and we work with various partners to ensure that we always find the most suitable and innovative solutions for our customers.

IS/IT Consulting

An information system fully tailored to your company's needs and the demands of a constantly evolving market is essential to achieving the financial health and growth any entrepreneur desires.

ACESSO GLOBAL Consultores offers an IS/IT consulting service to help you, with special focus on process harmonisation and optimisation.

First, we evaluate the available information so that we can appreciate the different levels necessary for the management and control of your company's business.

Next, we analyse your existing software to check for possible anomalies, flaws or vulnerabilities and we present the requirements for adapting the system already in use or for deploying a new system that guarantees a more efficient response to your business needs. In any case, we always target the optimisation of your company's information system capabilities.

ACESSO GLOBAL Consultores provides the following consultancy services:

  • SAP ERP, technical (ABAP and systems administration), as well as the functional components MM, SD, FI/CO, FI/CA, AA, PM, PS, QM, PP, SCM, HR and IS (Industry Solutions).
  • ITIL
  • Quality Assurance, in SAP ABAP developments.
  • Performance Tunning, SAP developments, .NET and database access (SQL Server, Oracle and DB/2).

IS/IT Management

Information should nowadays be treated as an asset in any company aiming to be successful. Good information management must take into consideration the specific needs of each company.

That's why ACESSO GLOBAL Consultores focuses on developing and deploying information technology and systems that enhance our customers' management of services and projects.

We assist our customers in the following services' management fields:

  • Definition of service operating hours;
  • Definition of levels of service availability;
  • Definition of levels of service support;
  • Definition of test criteria and service approval;
  • Planning of service deployment;
  • Service operating documentation;
  • Day-to-day service operation.

We guarantee the following in terms of project management:

  • Business case development;
  • Project integration management;
  • Project scope management;
  • Project cost management;
  • Management of project HRs;
  • Project procurement management;
  • Project communication management.

Irrespective of our contribution to IS/IT management in your company, our development model is divided into the following steps:

  • Selecting the application system development model;
  • Design and engineering of the programmes and data model;
  • Coding;
  • Definition of acceptance tests for the application system;
  • Production of functional and technical documentation;
  • User documentation.

IS/IT Auditing

An independent diagnosis, and a risk assessment of the weaknesses and advice on the implementation of solutions to overcome the weaknesses of your information system, are steps often necessary for the evolution of your business.

ACESSO GLOBAL Consultores is committed to providing you with the tools your company needs to create a trend of continuous improvement and innovation in your business area. ACESSO GLOBAL Consultores provides IS/IT Audit services in the following areas:

  • IS Policy and Strategy
  • IS Planning and Budgeting
  • Periodic Risk Assessment
  • Security Management
  • Access Control
  • Segregation of Functions
  • Classification of Information Resources
  • Environmental Conditioning
  • Energy Capacity
  • Selection of IT Applications Supplier
  • Software Update and Modification
  • Software Update and Modification
  • Documentation and Training
  • Service Continuity
  • Pred. and Minimisation of Potential Damage
  • Internet
  • Electronic Mail
  • Corporate website (portal)

Tailored Software Development

ACESSO GLOBAL Consultores has a team of senior analysts and programmers with vast experience in software development tailored to customers' needs.

Hence, every time we think out and execute any type of application development, we do it aware that software completely tailored to your company's reality will be a differentiating factor in the success of your business.

We will undertake a detailed analysis of your company and through direct interaction with employees and the services we will review processes, identify problems, suggest alternatives and contribute to the reengineering of working methods, designing management software that fully responds to the real needs of your business.

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