CSRTarget is an innovative, fast tool that meets the needs of companies or organisations that want either to implement a Social Responsibility System (SR); or to streamline the information in an SR system they have already implemented, using this software to improve the system.

A seamlessly integrated WEB Portal and a Windows application ensures effective communication between the company or organisation and its stakeholders, and with the general public concerned with SR developments.

This application allows the definition of the plan, definition of issues, monitoring of KPIs and alerts, which, along with other information, can be automatically shared with:

  • The SR Manager of the company or organisation, identifying the "state of the art" of this and other companies/organisations;
  • The stakeholders, describing the evolution and objectives achieved under the SR.
  • The WEB Portal, publishing the SR results and best practices of the registered Companies or Organisations.

The use of CSRTarget thus offers numerous advantages, as it facilitates and streamlines all the available information on the SR topic, assists in identifying the most recent commitments of the company or organisation concerning socially responsible practices, and it identifies the different aspects of SR, taking into account policy in the plans to be developed and goals to be attained.

It also has the great advantage that information can easily be shared between all parties involved in the process and the data of other registered companies or organisations can be accessed, through the integration between the application and the Portal. This contributes to the implementation of preventive and corrective measures, thus driving the continuous improvement of SR activities and processes in the various companies/organisations.

You can find out more about CSRTarget at www.csrtarget.com, where you can also find:

  • News on the topic of SR in companies/organisations;
  • The publication of the results obtained by the companies/organisations registered in the CSRTarget Portal;
  • SR support documentation (wikis);
  • Discussion forums.

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