bluMeetings is a Windows product developed by ACESSO GLOBAL using the most advanced technology. This software simply and intuitively handles the management of meeting rooms, meeting agendas, notices, minutes (and "closed" minutes) and it can be used to register all kinds of resolutions, amendments or comments to items of the agenda.

All information will be recorded in a local or Cloud database, thus allowing unlimited look-ups by the company's senior management.

Since this software has been designed to facilitate management and communication between all the members of the organisation, as well as other external players related in one way or another to certain processes with third-party visibility, special focus was given in its development to ease of use, while never neglecting the technical capability of the software.

bluMeetings also makes use of the key functions existing on the Windows platform, which includes a large number of features linked to Microsoft Exchange e-mail server and Outlook.

For those who do not belong to the organization, but with whom it is necessary to share information, functionalities have been implemented to allow access and consultation of the minutes drawn up, as well as some scheduling functionalities from Outlook, creating a real collaboration environment through an Extranet.

You can learn more about bluMeetings, download the trial version or buy this software at:

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