The optimised management of content is increasingly required for the good management of a business.
bluDMS is a Windows software developed by ACESSO GLOBAL using the most advanced technology.

The use of physical media such as paper for sharing and distributing information has become obsolete, for various reasons: too many unwanted and unnecessary copies are usually generated, the archiving of paper records takes up too much space, and it is impossible to automatically share the information on the intranet or internet.

ACESSO GLOBAL Consultores developed bluDMS software as a solution that effectively manages the sharing and disseminating of information within a company. This solution is a document management software that permits decentralized access to information.

This corporate and scalable application, with integrated workflow, ensures the optimisation and automation of workflows through support for simple or composite documents, always taking into account the guidelines of the most recent Standards.

Moreover, it permits centralised document management, with the possibility decentralised and geo-referenced access, and it guarantees information integrity, improving communication in the company while also minimising the risk of information leakage.

bluDMS is an investment with a great return, since it dramatically reduces, in the medium term, the costs associated with managing, archiving and handling your company's information.

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