SolutionONE ampliar

ACESSO GLOBAL Consultores developed SolutionONE with medium-sized businesses in mind, especially those needing project-oriented management software that is complete, adaptable to their needs, user friendly and affordable.

In its most complete version this software can also be used in the management of large companies, providing excellent value for money.  

SolutionONE is based on a client/server platform and it has been fully developed using Microsoft technology, thus ensuring seamless integration with Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office.  

This ERP also has the great advantage of allowing upgrades ordered by any of our customers, and these upgrades are then made available to every other customers who may want them. This development model based on constant communication and feedback ensures that SolutionONE will never lose relevance and it will offer a much broader and richer experience for all those working with us.  

ContractGO is available as ERP, Lite and Mobile versions for leasing (SaaS) or for sale. Contact us to learn more about ContractGO, to test the trial version or to purchase the software.

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